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Following a gait analysis and musculoskeletal assessment you may be advised as part of your treatment that you need prefabricated insoles or bespoke custom made orthotics.

It is important to note that orthotics may or may not change the visual alignment, functional changes may well be specific to individuals & orthotics will reduce forces within tissues & structures & don’t need to realign the skeleton to do so

Prefabricated Inoles

We also use the most up to date theories in prefabricated devices to ensure the best quality and value for money in our treatment plans.

These are customisable insoles which can be issued at the appointment to give an instant start to a functional problem of the foot. These are commonly used and excellent for children as rapid growth of their feet can mean regular replacements being issued without the cost of regular replacement bespoke custom orthotics.

Bespoke Custom Orthotics

These are fully customised prescription orthotic for your feet. We currently use cutting edge 3D laser scanners to help create a prescription for the orthosis. Every custom made orthotic is designed within specialist software by the podiatrist to create a truly custom orthotic that is precision machined, this makes if any further pairs are required then they will be identical as the original orthotic.

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